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mFab® Materials LLP is a Delhi, India based R&D and Manufacturing firm which develops products through patent pending technologies. The product portfolio of mFab Materials LLP comprises branding carry bags, high end purses, briefcase, corrugated boxes and new generation of FRP sheets and material to be used in automotive, building, aerospace and other sectors.

mFab symbolizes the core of technology over which mFab Materials LLP products have been developed. Be it high end fabric for brand endorsing carry bags or eco-friendly material for corrugated boxes or fibre reinforced plastics/polymers. mFab Material LLP has built up their materials from an innovation spark given through a patent and product developed by Mr. MunishGangwal, CTO of our company.


mFab Mission

Creating an alternative world of materials and technologies which offer better solutions of existing problems and more efficient alternative to contemporary technologies.


mFab Vision

A world not limited to slow technological growth but a world ready to leap forth with new ideas.


mFab Values

Open mindedness, Distinct Perspective, Transparency and Growing with everybody.

mFab Materials LLP

From one product, the technology outgrew itself to a portfolio of more than 10 products currently and continuing to induce in Research and Development to give work an alternative to paper based packaging, polypropylene based packaging and materials and conventional FRP based materials.

With head office in Delhi and associate office in Mumbai, mFab supplies its products in pan India and across the globe.

“Material industry is one of the most vibrant industry in the world which harness the power of technologies from all the sectors be it material science, metallurgy, chemistry, physics, nanotechnology or food technology. Material industry is also one of the most underrated yet important foundation in technology sector.

We at mFab Materials LLP aim to give a next map to push the material industry in next era of innovations. mFabians do not guide themselves with rules of current technological development but try to see the things from a perspective which nobody else in the industry has tried so far and, in this endeavour, we achieved a breakthrough. A material technology developed by our core inventor Mr. MunishGangwal which can morphed and utilized in developing products from aerospace sector to automotive sector, from luxury sector to daily usage and commercial packaging, from footwear to bulletproof sheets.

Although, we mFabians are still researching and getting amazed with new products that are coming out through this technology, but the products achieved so far in themshelves touch every sector of human life. Hence, we would like to quote a phrase from Star Trek movie “Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.”.
In mFab, we will continue our mission to explore new worlds of meta-materials technology and seek out answers to problem of human life.”

Abhishek Tiwari

Chief Executive Officer, mFab Materials LLP

mFab Materials LLP

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